Social Studies projects are AWESOME

I haven’t been recently posting because I have been busy with school projects. For example, I have cooking project about Australia. I have to make classic Australian dishes and present on their history and culture. After we were assigned our projects my teammate stated “Australia is like Canada, they have no history or food. The only thing special about Australia is the fact that they have burger chips!” At the moment I am planning to make a classic dessert called Lamingtons. I’m excited to present. I GET FOOD!!!




This is really cute! No wonder Santa can fit down the chimney. Hahhahh

5 Reasons that Public Bathrooms Stress us out

There’s always that fear of going to the bathroom at a park or in a porta-potty. Did they pee on the seat? Did they flush? The anxiety that you feel is crazy. It’s gross having to see some pee or diarrhea in a toilet. Here we go:


1. Finding a stall

If the worst comes to worst there won’t be any doors and you too close your eyes and hope for the best as you take the last stall and hope for no one to see you. Trust me it’s the worst, I had to do this once it was horrible. If there are doors you have to peek into the stall and most of the time there is a lot of toilet paper on the floor and poop and/or pee in the toilet. EWWWW….

2. Going to the bathroom

When you go in the park it’s pretty nasty the cold toilet and the thin toilet paper doesn’t do squat. If you’re strong enough you hold your butt over the toilet and go that way but every once in awhile one of our butt muscle goes out and you touch the seat. EW. Not to mention the thin toilet paper that isn’t really there it’s like you’re wiping with tissue paper, a leaf would do better than that cheap toilet paper. Also,  the toilet paper comes out in little pieces so you’re in the stall for an extra 5 minutes just getting a little butt worthy piece.

3. Smell

It speaks for itself. That smell is gross, it smells like poop and something you can’t forget.  You pretty much have to hold your breath during the duration of the experience. Never forget…..never….. EWWWW

4.   The Sinks

Most public bathroom either have the motion sensor sinks, which are nice because you don’t have to turn it on, but in this situation they aren’t the best things in the world. First off, they don’t work. they turn on the moment you move your hand away, like are you fickin’ kidding me I just went to the bathroom in a very disgusting place and you decide let’s mess with Dylan and not let her clean her hands and the moment she is about to go away we should turn on. Hahahaha. Very funny sinks but one day  I will make you work and I will defeat you, just you wait.

5. People

I’m not saying all people or kids do this but I thinks it’s a little weird. So here’s how it usually works out: You squat over the toilet and a little kid comes in and goes into the stall next to you and is like

” What’s your name?” or the creepier ” How old are you? I’m 6. Can we be friends?” I know it might be a little bit of a stretch but this to me is terrifying.  Like excuse me while I pee and try to hold my breath and have a conversation with a child who I don’t know, their mother could come in and I don’t know. Please let me know if this is just me. It can’t.


Applying for Honors

So a few days ago I had my heart set on the fact I wanted to go into Honors. A pathway for students gifted in reading and writing. I really wanted to just try a few things out in those classes because I personally love to read and write. I was pretty sure that my best chance way to try out for it That was all fine and dandy , but The downside to applying was that the test to apply was two hours long. Yay. Thank goodness it was a super easy test. It was broken up into 30 minute sections in which you had to complete at least 30 questions. I was simple enough. Hopefully I get in! I keep you updated when I get my results back.


Image result for honors program

Just a little thing put together that kind of defines the Honors program!

Thoughts on snow days

I love them. That is all I have to say. If it is a snow day I get to sleep. I love sleep, it’s wonderful. At school the teacher mentioned a snow day but that it may not happen because of weather blah, blah, blah bus drivers choose blah, blah, blah. That pretty much crushed my dreams and hopes of the day and the next day. I mean you have no idea if that’s true so please shut up!! I want a snow day!!

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ANIMAL of the WEEK!!

I know I haven’t done one in a while but here we go!!

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Awe, how cute. It’s a kitty sandwich!! Very creative, still a little too fuzzy for my taste. 😉

My Emotional Feelings for the Harry Potter Books

I love all the J.K Rowling books. Just I get a little bit too attached to the characters that end up dying at the end of the books. For example, Dobby the house-elf, I died a little on the inside. He was so kind to Harry and his last words were Harry Potter. Then after he had died Luna Lovegood closed his eyes and said ” There, now he could be sleeping.” That killed my I may have shed a few tears. Then they had to make it worse by on his tombstone writing ‘ Here lies Dobby a free elf.’ That made me cry full on. Thankfully they didn’t kill off Hagrid. I would send so many angry E-mails and letters to the author. I have many feelings towards the Harry Potter books. Mostly, me shedding tears over my favorite characters dying horrible painful deaths.

Sorry little children for may giving you a minor concussion

So, I know this happened a few months ago but I still need you guys to know that I was at a wonderful museum and I was staring a polar bear exhibit with fake snow. I mean come on I was fascinated, don’t judge. Anyway, a little kid walked up beside me and I didn’t notice and I felt my hand starting to go numb so can you guess what I did CAN YOU?? Well I put my hand on my hip and guess what happened I hit the LITTLE KID right in the side of the head. He ran away from me crying while I was grimacing and hoping for him to not tell his mother. I put my hand down again and moved on to a different exhibit and found another child beside me as the same thing happened but on the opposite side of the other kid before hand. Then I ran away hiding with my friends and then they found me and I got yelled at. This lowered my ego quite a bit. I was in deep crap. I’m glad I made it out with only a few bad things said none from my mouth. ( I hope, I was so scared )



 Oh my gosh it is so cute! Like if it filled a little hole in your heart. Hahaha. Or just like in general.

WHY?! [ I didn’t really know what to name this blog because I was ranting comment down below for help] :-)

I can’t believe that nothing has really happened to me. It’s crazy like I mean something weird or stupid always happens but right now nothing has happened. But what did happen was I went to a movie theater today and they were supposed to have concessions and guess what non of the teenagers showed up, so I was so hungry and I didn’t get any lunch until I got back to school which there I just had to get yelled at by my lunch lady who scares me like monster under your bed scary so super scary. AND!!!! I couldn’t get a cookie because everyone was a jerk and took like 50,000 of them so that pissed me off even more. Then!!! I couldn’t find my friends at lunch so I was sitting alone in a corner when someone yelling and it was my friends sitting at the other and of the room, I was to lazy to go over there until i saw my best friend who happens to have a YouTube channel. That’s your hint to go subscribe to her. Her name is Koolkitty or cat I don’t know at the moment. But anyways I had to run over to take some of her chocolate because that is what besties do. I think I’m all done ranting about teenagers

[ Just reread and totally went off course. Hahaha…] Have a good day/night.